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Engraved Paver Projects

Fundraising Projects, Memorials

Lasting tributes. The idea is appealing. That's why engraved products have proven to be the foundation of many successful fundraising endeavors. Imagine having your name or that of a loved one immortalized in a beautifully engraved brick that's part of a permanent enhancement to the community.

Fundraising bricks, stones, walls, not only provide a way to raise needed funds for non-profit organizations, they offer an attractive showcase for the community and for future generations to share in pride and memories.

The premise is simple. Those wishing to support your project or organization do so by purchasing a brick. That brick is engraved with a name, logo or phrase of the contributor's choice. The bricks are then used to construct an elegant wall, walkway or other structure that becomes a lasting tribute to all supporting the specified cause or project. See an example of a brick walkway found at the entranceway of a recently dedicated mental health treatment center. (1st picture)

Multiple material sizes permit flexibility in design as well as targeting different sponsor levels. Put our experience to work for your organization. Contact us to discuss your project plans. See samples of successful fundraisers on our gallery page.

We've worked with countless service organizations, veteran's groups, communities, hospitals and other non-profits to raise major funds. Many of these projects offer ongoing opportunities for donations and recognition.

Commemoratives, Recognition

Schools and sports organizations look for unique and lasting ways to honor outstanding achievement. We've worked with many to create durable, creative and beautiful permanent recognition sites as well as unique engraved keepsakes.

Photos to the right illustrate a display a recognition wall at a local high school. Many more can be seen on our site's gallery section.

Consider our engraved bricksanodized aluminum or baseball bat engraving to recognize your organization (pictured to the right).

Decorative Architectural, Landscape Design

Unique design and/or the desire for permanency can be value-add design features for architects and builders to use in client buildings, luxury homes, or upscale landscaping.

Their uses run the gamut for logo features, to medallion design flooring to home address blocks/tiles and decorative garden pavers.

Pictured right, you can see different address block designs perfect for your home.

Unique, One-of-a-kind Gifts

The latest addition to Midwest's "product offering" was one conceived by our daughter, Emily. It is a line of laser engraved wood keepsakes for newly weds, gourmet kitchen gadgets or those on your gift-giving list who appear to have everything. Other examples can be seen in our high street showroom or through her Etsy store.

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