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Midwest Engraving has the capabilities to etch your photo or logo in most of our products. We also require high resolution photos for our anodized aluminum and granite tiles. If you are sending us a photo document for your project, please read the following:

  • Include your name and product information along with the text you have chosen. We will e-mail you a proof before we engrave. When you receive this e-mail make sure the name and dates are spelled right and the photo meets your approval. After reviewing the proof e-mail your response so that we know it is ok to engrave.

  • We accept photos which are scanned as well as digital photos (digital will be a higher quality). 

  • When deciding on a photo to submit, make sure that there are no scratches or tears through the faces. We can fix scratches and tears in the background if need be. 

  • If the faces on a photo are smaller than an inch, it will probably not resize with good quality. 

  • If scanning a photo it helps to use a resolution of 300dpi.

  • You may also mail us your original and we can return the original to you in the packaging of your final product.


Submitting logos for engraved pavers:

  • Logos are available on 8"x8" size pavers, granite 12"x12"+, & limestone 12"x12"+.

  • The logo set up fee is $90 per logo.

  • Please email logos in any of the following formats: .jpg, .pdf, .doc, .eps, .tif & vector files.

  • No photographs, scans, copies, grayscale, color, drawn or sketched images please.

  • Submit in a black and white crisp outline.

  • Examples to the left represent how the image is required for us to use.

  • Prior to submitting a logo enlarge your image to confirm the lines look crisp. 

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