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What is our most popular color paver?
Visit our engraved paver page and refer to Color Selection. Many of the paver manufacturers we work with have a great selection of colors to work with. 

How much should we sell our pavers for?
There are many options to increase funds for your project. For the 4"x8" pavers, pricing ranges from $75 - $150 per paver. For the 8"x8" pavers, pricing ranges from $100-500 & up (logos & symbols increase funds). Granite & limestone pavers range from $275 - $1,500. Many of our customers offer local business logos on 8"x8" pavers and our larger sizes.  

How do I get started on my paver walkway?
Midwest has a few references to start you on the right path! 
-If you haven't received our FREE engraved paver sample & catalog, please request it now. If you have our catalog, refer to page 5, you will see how to calculate how many bricks you will need and estimating your installation cost.
-We also have a great document that is simple and straight forward to start you in the right direction. We can provide the paver for your engraved portion of your project. You can purchase the additional identical (blank) pavers from your local paver distributor. We can let you know who your local distributor in your area will be. This will be more economical for your project. 
-Visit our Facebook page as well where we have photos of a past brick install project. 

There is a white substance on my pavers? What is it & how do I remove it?
Belden Brick states" It is most likely efflorescence. Efflorescence is nothing more than salt that has wicked its way up through the pavement and solidified on the surface of your brick. While it is unsightly, it is not physically harmful to your clay paver in any way. Determine where the salt is coming from - Have you been using salt as a de-icer? This can usually be washed away naturally. If more substantial, our dealer suggests Euclid Chemical Weatherguard sealer. This will not affect your paver and is highly effective. 

Extra care for pavers during winter months or in cold climates?
Since we are located in the Midwest, we have lots of snow in the winter time. For local clients (Wadsworth, Ohio) or anyone experiencing a winter climate we have provided some tips on snow removal. Snow should be removed by mechanical means not with any type of de-icing chemicals. Power brushing is particularly good because there is little or no metal to paver contact. Plows can be used if the blades are flexible or if the blades do not ride on the pavers. Pads or rollers should be used to raise the blades above the slight imperfections inherent in segmental paving systems. Snow blowers can also be used, but the steel guide pads at the mouths of the snow blowers should be coated with rubber to reduce the possibility of damage when the guides hit the odd-raised or canted pavers. Shovels are fine to use. Ice scrapers are not because they may damage concrete sidewalks and they do damage clay pavers. Ice is best handled by spreading sand on the surface of the pavement. Salts such as magnesium chloride, can be mixed with sand to speed melting. Calcium chloride causes deterioration.

How do I clean my pavers?

  1. ​Spray water with a garden hose on the area to be cleaned.

  2. Apply a mild detergent, such as ProSoco 600 detergent, to the area. Allow the cleaner to sit on the stained area for about 10 minutes, do not allow the cleaner to dry. You may need to agitate the cleaner to keep it moist. After the allotted time, you may scrub with a nylon bristled brush and rinse thoroughly. Be sure to protect plants and flowers prior to applying the cleaner and especially during the rinse cycle.

  3. DO NOT use a pressure washer for cleaning, NEVER use acid, and DO NOT use steel brushes.

  4. Always do a small test area before you move forward to the larger areas.

If you need a stronger cleaning solution you may use light restoration cleaner according to instructions.

Do pavers require a lot of maintenance? 
Pavers are a very durable product and don't require much maintenance. There are two possible maintenance issues you could come across: replacement of sand and moss. You always want to keep a good coat of sand between your pavers. Check annually and use polymeric sweeping sand for sand binding and maintaining weed growth. If your pavers are in a shady area, moss can come up from time to time. You can use a sealer on our laser engraved pavers if this would be something of concern to you. 

- If you are using Belden Pavers here is a helpful guide to cleaning them. 

What sizes do people use?
The most common engraved brick sizes are 4"x8" & 8"x8". 

What can I use that is larger than an 8x8?
Our standard paver sizes are 4"x8" and 8"x8". If you would like something larger we have limestone and granite available. 

What is the thickness of the paver?

How long does it take for my order once I submit it?
Our production schedule depends on the time of the year. Spring is usually 4-6 weeks, Summer 6-8 weeks and Fall, 4-6 weeks. We provide you will a completion date after submitting your order. If your organization is planning a certain ceremony date, plan ahead and call us a few months in advance. We try to accommodate all organizations needs. 

When do you send the invoice and do I need to pay before the order is activated?
We will send you an email response within 24-hours of submission. Your job is therefore on the schedule and on our production timeline. If you make any changes, send them right away so that no additional fees are incurred. We will send an invoice within 7-days of your initial email submission. We require full payment before we can ship out your pavers or get ready for pick up. 

Can you drive on them?
….Not suggested on the engraved portion of pavers. 

Is there a minimum number of pavers I must order? 
No, but your best pricing is a quantity of 20+

Can I install the pavers on a concrete slab? 
Yes, but it must have drainage/weep holes and a sand base for the pavers.

Are the 8x8’s available in the same color as the 4x8’s?
Yes, a lot of our suppliers have the same colors available for the 4x8 & 8x8 sizes.

Do I need to pull up a paver and send it to you for add-on orders?
If we provided the initial paver for your order, you do not need to send us a paver for your add-on order. 

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