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Donor Recognition Trees

Donor recognition trees are a great way to show appreciation to donors, loved ones and are a great keepsake in any indoor facility. The trees themselves are assembled directly on the wall with the required hardware. They come in many different shapes and sizes to fit your project's needs. We offer smaller trees that suit smaller projects. The smaller sized trees range from 4-20 leaves and are very affordable. The medium trees suit 80 leaves and the largest upwards of 830 leaves. These trees can be added onto in the future as your project grows.

As you see pictured on the right, here is an example of a tree with 450 leaves. The leaves themselves come in brass, copper and silver colors. There are a variety of shapes the leaves come in but you want to stick to the same leaf shape throughout the tree. Pictured to the bottom right, is a tree that offers 279 leaves.

If you already have a tree and are looking to engrave some of your leaves, we can engrave personalized brass leaves from existing trees. Feel free to email us with more information and we would be glad to help engrave your leaves or get a new project started!

tree (1).jpg
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